FN-rollspel (TMUN)

The TMUN is an annual joint project between English (ENGENG05), Political Science (SAMSAM02) and Geography (GEOGEO01). 

What is Tessin Model United Nations?

In the Tessin Model United Nations, students represent member countries in the UN. They are the ambassadors of these allocated countries and are to debate, negotiate, cooperate and - hopefully - resolve international conflicts.

The students must prepare themselves by learning how the UN works and by researching their countries' history and culture, the financial and political situation within the country as well as their foreign policies.

The TMUN offers students an insight into the UN and an understanding of international cooperation. Participating in the TMUN can be a very memorable and educational experience.


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TMUN Director

Lowe Casserfelt
0155 - 24 87 28


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